Lyve Behind Bars

Lyve Behind Bars

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The second offering from the oldest singing pirate band is a live recording from a favorite Scottish pub.  Special guest appearances and that wacky wit that the band is known for come out in full force.  Like being there, without needing all the vaccinations.


"If you are not familiar with the Pyrates Royale, get ready for a rollickin’ treat...This is the next best thing to seeing them in person...You definitely get yer doubloon's worth - there are eighteen tracks - a few of them back-to-back songs. A good lot of musical listening."

By Christine Lampe
No Quarter Given

"A lot of bands who've cut their teeth and honed their craft on the Renaissance faire circuit have decided to put their popular songs and revelry on an album. Often, we wish they wouldn't -- what sounds grand sung lustily at the close of a faire day often sounds flat and uninspired on a recording. Happily, that's not the case with Lyve Behind Bars, a fun-filled, rum-soaked release from the Maryland Renaissance Faire's Pyrates Royale...This isn't the kind of album you should listen to with a cup of tea in your hand. The singing is great, the presentation is awesome and the package is a hell of a lot of fun."

Bill Knapp