About Us

We have been playing together since 1987.  We were just babies when we met.  See how we got from dirty nappies to the band we are today.

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Our Music

Check out our massive and impressive library of recordings. We call them "records" which ages us a bit more than we'd like. But there it is.


What Our Fans Say

Captain Moone may judge you on Talk Like a Pyrate Day, but we have gathered some real, live reviews from our seriously demented fan base. Please note: there are no reviews from our Moms. That just wouldn't be fair.


"Before Jack Sparrow, there were the Pyrates Royale."

Laurie DeWitt, The Gazette

"Just listened to the entire album. It’s fantastic! I felt like I was there. The downside was that is sounded so realistic, I could almost smell you guys. Other than that, nice work!"

Andy Stone

"The singing is great, the presentation is awesome and the package is a hell of a lot of fun."

Tom Knapp, Rambles Magazine